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ExperTech is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest level of technical service while maintaining a personal touch.

ExperTech was established by Clint Swiney in February of 1999.
ExperTech is unique because we provide a service to our customers that is unmatched by other computer network consultants. ExperTech takes the time to explain what your technical needs are and why you need them. We also provide appropriate action to resolve problems quickly and permanently. ExperTech will help you analyze your business technology services and research ways that you can save time and money.
ExperTech takes pride in making satisfied customers.

ExperTech was established in 1999 by Clint Swiney. We specialize in businesses that need today’s high end technology but are not large enough to hire a full time systems administrator. ExperTech is a full service consulting company. We are well equipped to solve all of your technical needs no matter how complex. We also are also experts at e-mail systems, software troubleshooting, malicious software removal, network components, wireless infrastructure, RAID systems and much more.

Owner and operator of ExperTech, Clint, is a gifted computer and network technician. He has been working with computer systems for over 20 years. His career started as a salesperson at Radio Shack in 1991. He was promoted to Computer Specialist very quickly due to his natural ability. He moved on to become the Lead technician of a CompUSA in 1994. There he honed his skills building computers and troubleshooting all sorts of problems with PC computers, Apple computers, laser and inkjet printers. In 1996 a great opportunity presented itself and Clint moved on to become a Field Technician for US Service Solutions (Now known as Sarcom). There he worked closely with many high end clients in the Dallas area by servicing their networked computer systems and printers. In 1998 one of the clients he was working with hired him as their full time Systems Administrator. After 3 months he has things working so well that another Architectural and Interior Design firm wanted him to come duplicate what he had accomplished. Clint partnered with another consulting firm with small business experience to allow him to begin freelance consulting. That partnership fizzled out and ExperTech was born in February of 1999. Since he went out “on his own” Clint has mastered the “art” of the small business network by balancing security and functionality. Utilizing Clint’s interpersonal skills and technological experience ExperTech has made many satisfied customers.  In 2011 Clint scaled down ExperTech and began a career in the larger enterprise environments. Since then he has blossomed and become one of the most technically knowledgeable and likeable employees. He now manages an Exchange 2010 system with 23 servers and 45,000 mailboxes. Clint also recently passed all of the exams required to earn Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer: Messaging.  ExperTech will still provide onsite service and web hosting on a limited basis.

Jennifer is responsible for handling the business end of ExperTech. She is a stay at home Mom and the mother of 4 children and the wife of Clint Swiney. You could say she is the “glue” that holds us all together. ExperTech would not be able to function without her.

ExperTech is owned and operated by Clint Swiney.

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